Lawyer Connection in an ABA Journal Article

July 28, 2009

A couple months ago, I got a phone call from Barbara Rose, a freelance writer for the American Bar Association Journal, or as it is more commonly know, the ABA Journal. She wanted to know about Lawyer Connection, having already spoken to Victoria Pynchon who suggested Ms. Rose contact me.

I was super excited that anyone from the ABA was taking an interest in yet another lawyer-centered social network, and I think she was equally shocked to discover that the network was created by a non-lawyer. I answered her questions, and directed some other Lawyer Connection members her way. She said she didn’t know if, or when, the article would be published and having spend time as a journalist, I understood. Since then, I hadn’t thought much about it.

A few minutes ago, a Tweet from Vickie popped up in one of my TweetDeck windows:

vpynchon u must scroll to bottom of page for the ABA sidebar on how a tweet started a legal network

Tweet that started a legal network…that rang a bell so I clicked on the link, scrolled to the bottom and low and behold! The piece on Lawyer Connection!

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited, and must publicly thank Vickie as she has taken the reigns and totally run with Lawyer Connection. There are 61 members now, and it keeps growing. It’s pretty amazing to watch, actually, and is just downright exciting. Always so much talk about the need to connect, cultivate a network, ways to go about it but hardly anything that demonstrates what happens when you do connect and cultivate a network. Lawyer Connection stands out as walking the walk while talking the talk. Or, more simply, less thinking/talking and more doing.

Anyway, a big thanks to Vickie for all her work and continued effort, to Ms. Rose for writing the side bar and to the ABA Journal for publishing it.

Can’t wait to see what happens next with Lawyer Connection.