On the Travel Blog

August 31, 2010

I’ve been in New York City the past week, visiting family and friends.

As with my road trip earlier this summer, I’ve been blogging about my trip to New York over on my Travel Blog. And of course I tweeted about it too! #summertour

It was an enjoyable trip. It was nice to see family, and nice to return visits to friends who have been to visit me but whom I had yet to visit. I saw a great many parts of New York I had not seen before, and had a few new experiences as well.

There are some more posts in the works, and some clean up to do of ones already published. I had no laptop with me, so posted from the mobile WordPress app. Bit more challenging, and time consuming, but certainly doable. And hey, I survived a full 7 days without a laptop! I’ll also be uploading all the pictures I took to the Photo Gallery in the coming days. And then this blog will return to its regularly non-scheduled programming and the Travel Blog will go quiet until the next trip.

Stay tuned…


Midwest Summer Tour blog has moved

June 26, 2010

I have moved, or rather created, the Midwest Summer Tour blog.

Blogging about this trip wasn’t my original idea, but after posting a couple times, I’m finding it adds another layer of fun. Not to mention the fact that I just like to share!

I’m in Wichita now, hanging out with some friends and trying to stay cool. It is quite hot, but I imagine it will be quite hot for the duration of the trip. Next week I head to Bartlesville, Oklahoma to visit other friends and then start heading up Route 66 back to Chicago.

If you’ve traveled Route 66 from OK to Chicago, and have tips or suggestions on what to see/do, please drop me a line in the comments.