Some Big News – Small Firm Innovation #blawg100 and Relocation to #Vancouver, BC, CA

Well then.

There’s a fair amount of news to share as the year rushes to a close. I just realized a week from Saturday is Christmas Eve and have, um, have a lot of shopping to do. First things first though.

Small Firm Innovation has been chosen by the ABA Journal as one of its #blawg100 in the LPM category. Considering the blog only launched, albeit quietly, in April of this year, it is quite an honor. When I initially agreed to take on the project, the goal was quite simple: first person accounts of small firm success. Nothing more, nothing less.

There are a number of fantastic law blogs out there already, and the small contribution I could help make was in focusing on the business aspect of running a law practice, and the nitty gritty of what has makes a solo or small law firm a success. The best way I could think of doing that while not shoving Contributors into a tight corner was centering each month around a theme. That way, the site would remain cohesive in its message while giving a fair amount of latitude to Contributors. And the theme’s this year have reflected what I’ve gone through myself, and what I’ve noticed as common struggles from talking to many solo and small firm lawyers.

It’s been rather interesting and rewarding to work on this project. And I’m still awed and pleased you have found it helpful, and decided nominated it. A big thanks to you, and the ABA Journal for including it in its #blawg100. In a year filled with either level fields or deep valleys, it is certainly a high point.

Oh. Before I forget, you can still vote for your favorite #blawg100. You’ll be prompted to register, and then shown a list of categories. There are some really excellent blogs in each category. I found some I hadn’t heard before, too. It’s kind of like a treasure trove of legal blogging. Niche. News. Tech. For Fun. Good stuff there, too. Small Firm Innovation is listed under LPM. Good stuff.

And now the second piece of big news.

I am relocating to Vancouver, BC, CA. Clio’s home city.

The decision is not made lightly, nor without a fair amount of agonizing and distress. It’s one thing to move to a different US city, and merely be far away from family but still have the comfort of iTunes, Netflix, unlimited data plans and cable companies of which you are familiar. Not to mention banking and tax laws, measurements and generally all the things we take for granted and don’t think about. It’s been a very long, arduous process that really tests one’s patience. I’ve given some serious thought to starting a blog to better outline the whole process, a checklist of what comes next and generally chronicle this next phase.

Next phase. Yeah. You know that phrase, “Go big or go home”? Seems rather appropriate. Changing cities, changing countries and leaving behind all that is familiar just isn’t enough change for me. Nope. I have to hangup my #freelance spurs and dust off the more “corporate” shoes, too. I’m a bit apprehensive about that. I’m so used to doing everything myself, calling the shots and working wherever whenever, it will not be easy to switch that off. I’m not even sure I can switch it off. Tone it down, perhaps.

I am quite excited about the move though, and the potential 2012 holds. I’m taking the best advice I’ve been given: trust your gut. My gut says head west to Vancouver.

2 Responses to Some Big News – Small Firm Innovation #blawg100 and Relocation to #Vancouver, BC, CA

  1. David Whelan says:

    Made the move to Canada myself 4 years ago; it’s easier than you’d think. In fact, living here is sometimes so much like living in the US that it’s the times when it’s *not* that surprise you. Good luck on the move.

  2. Kevin Thompson says:

    Good luck with the move, Gwynne! I am confident it will all work out. Us Chicagoans will miss you, but will still be connected virtually, I’m sure.

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