#opensource session in good hands with @RodneyDowell & @DennisKennedy #techshow (#ABATECHSHOW)

First, I’m honored, surprised and a bit touched (yes, I admit it) that people thought I’d be presenting on #opensource at  ABATechshow 2011.

To be perfectly honest, I had zero expectations of even being within the vicinity for consideration. I don’t think I spring readily to mind when most think of open source and its place in law firms, though clearly there is evidence to the contrary. I had a good guess as to who would present, and turned out to be partly correct.

If you haven’t seen the schedule, give it a look and scroll all the way to bottom. You’ll see the open source session is on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 9:45am. Saving the best for last. 😉 And you’ll see that Rodney Dowell and Dennis Kennedy are the presenters.

I know Rodney from Twitter, and Dennis from Twitter as well as a few in-person meetings. Dennis and I have also collaborated on two open source articles for the legal profession. I have no doubt that the open source session is in good hands, and that they will probably offer more useful information that you can take back to your practice and put to use.

Yes. I know. The “more useful information you can take back to your practice and put to use” phrase sounds odd coming from me, in this particular context. It shouldn’t, though, for the simple reason that I am not a lawyer. Though I use open source applications, I have no used them within the context of a law office so what I know I’ve learned from those who have shared. And one of those who has shared is Dennis Kennedy.

So thanks again for the support, and know that you’ll want to hear what Rodney and Dennis have to say about The Open Source Powered Law Firm.


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