@SpeakerBoehner Let #hcr be and move the country forward to avoid #fail

Another election. Another pledge to end “business as usual.” President Obama got elected on that “change” platform, and so how John Boehner and the Republican party.

Will someone please explain to me, then, how repealing health care reform, effectively giving back power to the insurance companies and their lobbyists, puts an end to “business as usual”? Will someone please explain to me how making health insurance unaffordable will help cut costs and reduce the federal deficit? People can’t afford health insurance, they aren’t going to buy it. They don’t buy it, insurance companies raise the rates on everyone else because the pool from which to earn revenue is now smaller. Now people are taking home even less money, and we haven’t even touched on higher taxes to cover state budget deficits. And if people need health care, they’ll forgo it, or take on debt to cover it. How, exactly, does that help our economy?

Will someone please explain how repealing health care reform will create jobs? Part of the reform requires instituting electronic medical records. To do that means hiring people to convert paper charts into electronic charts, hiring people to manage and network the systems, hiring people to train on the systems, hiring people to build applications to better leverage data and provide optimal treatment. And will someone please explain to me how repealing health care reform will bring stability to the economy so companies want to hire again? Companies know it’s coming, they’ve spent money preparing for it. Repealing it means that money has now been wasted. They’ll need to recoup, so they’ll need to cut somewhere and laying people off has proven to be a quick way to do that.

I’m all for giving newly elected officials the opportunity to deliver on their talk of “change” and “transparency” and “ending business as usual,” but it seems as if Boehner and the Republican partly have a disconnect between those three “magic” words and reality. We, the people, are better at paying attention to both hands now. Waving the “change” and “transparency” cards on one side so we ignore the slash and burn and return to “business as usual” on the other is not effective this time.

If you really are bringing “change” then move the country forward. Let health care reform be. It hasn’t completely taken effect yet, so you can’t effectively and honestly analyze its impact, good and bad. Let it be. And if it turns out to be a failure, repealing it will be that much easier.

If you repeal it now, then you have failed to deliver an end to “business as usual” and already closed the “new chapter” you just opened. So let health care reform be, and demonstrate your commitment to “government that is honest, accountable and responsive to their needs” through attention to jobs, alternative energy, technology, infrastructure and a host of other needs that have been ignored.


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