#Facebook needs a Toggle Function

In case you missed the news, I have joined Clio as its Community Manager. One aspect of that is managing its Facebook Page, which is new to me. I’ve generally considered Facebook more for friends and family, though I hesitate to say “private” use. Generally speaking, though, it’s been the easiest way for me to stay in touch with family and close friends. They’re more inclined to join Facebook, or already be on Facebook, than Twitter.

Since joining Clio, however, that has changed. If people find me on Facebook, especially if you follow me on Twitter, I am more inclined to friend them back than I was say, in August. The more interaction I’ve had with Facebook, the more annoyed I become by its lack of a useful function: toggling.

Here’s what I mean.

As a Page administrator, I can post to a page, mess around behind-the-scenes and check Page stats. What I cannot do, though, is turn off my Admin status in order to voice my own opinion. Any comment I make is displayed as that of Clio, unless I “share” the information and comment from my profile which is rather meaningless since the conversation is happening on Clio’s Facebook Page.

So in order to comment as myself, voicing my own opinion, I have to find some kind of work around, which is a laborious process. I can change my email address and login differently. I can create a whole new account or I can put ^gm at the end of a comment, which may confuse people or be ignored all together.

A toggle function, however, would eliminate this ridiculous problem, and allow companies to better engage with their audience. If Facebook is truly going to foster discussion, then it needs a toggle function. If brands really want to engage, then they’ll want to hear opinions of their employees as well as of their audience. They’ll want their employees to engage so there is that personal touch instead of the “corporate-speak.” People will know what is the opinion of an individual v. the company.

Otherwise, we should all start a campaign to bring back Google Wave.


3 Responses to #Facebook needs a Toggle Function

  1. Gwynne:

    Nice catch. I agree with you completely. This is an issue I have been grappling with as well, given I am an admin at the MicroMash Facebook page. I also commented on another blog post you might find interesting a few months back on this same issue.

    Check out the Open Letter to Facebook post (and all the incredible comments) over at Techipedia.


  2. Gwynne Monahan says:

    Thanks Sean. I think adding a toggle function would be far more beneficial than some type of “email” or “communication” tool.

    And thanks for the link. Good to know someone else shares the frustration! It’s ridiculous, really, and if Facebook wants to make more inroads into business, it needs to give Page Admins the ability to toggle “Admin off.” Then again, that would make sense, which is probably why Facebook isn’t going to do it…any time soon.

    I wonder, too, how many of its 500 million users are “unique.” If every Page Admin has 2 accounts, and there are X Pages…well…how interesting…and that probably has an impact on Facebook’s valuation to, I bet.

  3. I *did* miss the news: belated congratulations !

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