Straight North and a Twitter Landing Page

When I first started writing for the Web, there was an idea that, in order to convert leads, you needed to direct visitors to a specific page promoting the product and present a clear call to action. They call them landing pages, and they were especially good for pay-per-click campaigns. You were already targeting specific keywords, and a specific audience so in order to capitalize you needed a landing page. It seemed novel and so obvious at the time.

Obvious, right? Apparently not in social media.

Straight North, a Chicago-based interactive marketing agency, created a Twitter landing page, complete with a short welcome message, an introduction to Brad Schorr, its Director of Content Marketing, contact information, links to its other social media outlets and links to blog posts. Very clean, very simple, which you’d expect from an interactive marketing agency.

But, how many interactive marketing agencies with Twitter accounts take you to a Twitter landing page? How many social media  fill-in-the-blank Twitter accounts take you to a Twitter landing page?

So, already, Straight North has established a connection with you: Twitter. Now you have something in common, something other than trying to sell products and services.

I’m curious how well their Twitter landing page converts prospects to clients. How many phone calls do they get?

Twitter landing page. If landing pages are an important aspect of search engine optimization and search engine marketing, why should it be any different for social media?


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