The Job Application Process

I’ve decided to start a new venture: documenting the Job Application Process.

Plenty of lip service has been given to creating jobs, but that is only half the battle. Applying for those jobs is the other half, and the job application process needs improvement. Experience has taught me that you can’t improve something until you know how it currently functions, so I’ve decided to blog about my experience with how it currently functions.

Suffice to say, it is tedious and full of repetition. There are a handful of third party vendors that are used, like Taleo, Kronos and BrassRing. Talking with some friends the other day, it occurred to me that I have multiple accounts with all three because every company that uses them requires you to create an account, with the hiring company, before applying. I cannot simply have an account with Taleo, Kronos and BrassRing and apply that way. I have to have an account with UC-Berkeley, BestBuy, Sears, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Disney, Time, DePaul University, University of Chicago, Harvard University, Princeton…the list keeps growing.

The technical writer in me said hey, what’s going on here? There simply has to be a better way.

And Job Application Process is the start of finding a better way, from both sides of the aisle.


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