Stand Corrected on JDSupra Legal Updates

I often wonder if people ever read this blog, or do more than give it a cursory glance. I seem to pay more attention to Twitter chatter and comments after I post as a method to gauge interested, reaction or what have you. Once I move it and install Google Analytics or StatCounter, I’ll be able to tell more, and probably become obsessive about my site states.

Anyway, I got an email last night from Aviva Culyer at JDSupra, correcting an error I made. I said there wasn’t a comments feature for Legal Updates, and it turns out there is such a feature. It is “built into the network updates these actions generate” as the screen shot she sent me demonstrates. I confess I was looking at the update part, I was looking at the application itself under the “Browse” tab. Clicking on a document yielded a number of options, like “Add to Network,” “Recommend,” “Share Document,” “Favorite” and “Add to Feed.” Looking at it again, that makes sense. Being able to comment on a post is what you want to do anyway, not necessarily comment on the document itself. The idea is to engage in conversation with people, not documents. Technology has advanced, but not quite yet to the point where documents talk back to us. Not sure how well that would be received, either.

At any rate, thanks Aviva for bringing the error, or the misunderstanding, to my attention. Consider this a correction. 😉


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