A Wiki Experiment

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I tweet quite a bit about wikis, especially in relation to Conferences. People have all kinds of ideas and often just need a place to connect and share. That was kind of the idea behind LawyerConnection and now I’ve decided to try an experiment.

The website for Shadow Froggy Consulting is pretty much a URL, my logo and some intro text that links to this blog. I haven’t had time to build it out properly, and have been debating about hiring someone to do it. That still requires planning, though, which requires time so I might as well do it myself.

While pondering this, and browsing the numerous options Host Gator makes available, my eyes landed on TikiWiki and I thought hrm…what if I were to create a wiki and not only test out the TikiWiki platform, but also solicite help in building my website? Make it an open, collaborative effort, like I keep talking about on Twitter and with other people, and also learn a something new.

I was unable to come up with a “no” answer, so I created the Shadow Froggy Consulting Wiki. Feel free to post suggestions/ideas/etc to it. I created a few sub-ages on what I think are major areas of concern, like theming, content areas, interactivity and an “other” page. I’ve found it rather easy to make suggestions and help other people with their websites, but it is a completely different ballgame when it’s mine. But hey, that’s why I made the wiki. People like you are full of ideas, and I have no doubt you want to express them.

So by all means, have at it. I’m quite interested to see what you have to say…

Oh, and if there’s a problem or an issue with the wiki, like it won’t let you post or create an account or whatever, then post a comment to this blog and I’ll look into it. This is my first foray into TikiWiki territory, so there is much for me to learn, and I can’t wait…

Well, now I have to wait and see if anyone will post suggestions to the wiki. Hrm…


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