Introducing Lawyer Connection

One of the things I really love about Twitter is the quick action that can happen, be it answering a question, pointing to other research tools or attempting to help many people. Such is how Lawyer Connection came to be.

From the first blog post on Lawyer Connection:

@kevinhell retweeted @indyattorney “Wondering why laid off attorneys dont band together & start a new law firm. Might be some opportunity there.”

@vpynchon asked if anyone wanted to create a Ning site, and so I did, and here it is: Lawyer Connection.

Being laid off is hard. I’ve experienced it, and many others have too. One thing I’ve learned in the 13 months since being laid off is the importance of relationships, be it family, friends, coworkers or that fast network called the Internet. Sites like Twitter help bring people together. I met quite a few of the people I follow while attending ABA Tech, and hope to meet others at Total PMA’s Get A Life Conference.

So a goal of Lawyer Connection is to build on the relationships established through Twitter, Facebook, Conferences, meetings, etc. We all have something to share, and now there is a collective place to share it.

Feel free to check it out, join and by all means, offer suggestions. I’m a Ning novice, and have no doubt people reading this blog are not, and have ideas and ways to get more out of, and do more with, Lawyer Connection.

It’s a start, so now we can build on it.


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