Tips from PC Mag

Got an email alert today about recent happenings with the LinkedIn Group. There was a News item posted from SolidOffice: PC Mag’s OpenOffice Tips.

Tip #2, legacy documents, is very handy. I use it often as I get documents in an old format of Word. I also use to open .docx files. Cuts down on the time spent sending emails back and forth requesting .doc files. Save enough .docx files it becomes automatic, and with, I can save myself and the Client extra steps.

Tip #6, automating actions, is awesome! Never quite got the hand of Microsoft macros, and whenever I mentioned “macros” I got either a frightened, or a blank, stare. Seemed rather cumbersome, and when macros were enabled in some documents, errors were thrown all over the place! People found it too frustrating, and no one knew enough to do them correctly. With a little tinkering, clicking buttons really, I got macros to work in Man was I exicted! And, naturally, I had to go back, undo them and do it again. Always tinkering. 😉

Anyway, check out the rest of the SolidOffice site, too. It has some very useful information. And read the rest of PC Magazine’s 7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do.


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